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Re: JMS' Viewing Order

Welcome to the site, yes, that is JMS' actual preferred order, however, he sees no problem with In The Beginning being watcheded first. Me personally, I suggest watching it later on, if you are watching for the first time, in order to preserve you from Spoilers, but, if, you've already seen the whole Series, In The Beginning is great to start with.

Regarding HD Remastering for Babylon 5, very unlikely to happen, there just isn't believed to be a wide enough fanbase to justify the expense. TNG had a very large audience in it's day, and still gets pretty decent ratings in Reruns after all these years, so, it's a much more viable candidate then B5 is (I am looking forward to the the TNG remastering, though, BTW. I want to do a full rewatch, which I have never done, I've only watched original airing and catch reruns here and there. I am holding off on watching or purchasing TNG until the TNG-R sets are released)
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