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Re: JMS' Viewing Order

just started watching the complete box set and i didn't know where to start because unlike most TV shows the viewing order is all over the place along with movies and spinoffs that all need fitting in somewhere..... if this is the way JMS says it should be viewed then this should be the master viewing guide right?

my first time round i watched the "in the beginning" before anything and it was full of spoilers

love the show seasons 3-4 are amazing
1,5 are alittle blah imo

now i have a guide that works i will watch it for the second time but before i start i need to know that this is really the true agreed viewing order by JMS because i don't really care what Joe Blogs down the street has to say about the order because Ive been burned already on how to watch it..........

( this is my first post and im happy to see there's still a lot of love for B5 so many years later )

blu-ray plz *wink* *wink* if ST:TNG can do it then B5 shouldn't be that hard, WB pay up redo the ships in HD res so they match the lost tales and clean up the prints and i will pay out for it, if any show is crying out for a HD master its B5 hell its even already in 16.9 so it will not put the youngsters off by having black bars on the sides

(OAR is very important to me i would take 4.3 on any show if that's how it was shoot)

i KNOW the fx are on on video tape but even if 80% of the ep is in full HD that's a big thumbs up from me

HD might not be that important to most people but when you have a 50" 1080p tv dvds tend to look ugly, dont care too much about seeing new things in the image but would like the added sharpness that HD brings


p.s sorry about my spelling kinda stoned at the mo
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