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Re: EpDis: Midnight On The Firing Line

Originally Posted by Jan View Post
I didn't watch it Saturday but did watch some B5 this past weekend. Hopefully that counts!

NO it does not count!!!!! ..... .....

You know what is amazing about MIDNIGHT ON THE FIRING LINE? Everything. I say this because as I was watching I thought about how different one's perception of B5 might be when starting with this episode. It works SO well by itself, but it also works SO well as a transition from THE GATHERING. I have to admit that when I think watching THE GATHERING after this might tarnish one's perspective of THE GATHERING. There are so many things I absolutely love about THE GATHERING, but I know I am not the majority.

I don't know I just want more B5. I am telling you I will eventually figure away to go back and expand the B5 Universe as we saw it with new material that fits. Maybe I will just edit in new footage I film at home.

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