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Re: EpDis: All Alone In The Night

I too went "d'oh!" at the "What could go wrong" line - that was almost *too* obvious a clue! The abduction and fights with others on an alien ship seems a bit Trek-y, including the comment wondering if it was for their entertainment. I did like Sheridan's line: "The first obligation of a prisoner is to escape." That reminds me strongly of Tolkien's passionate argument for "escapist" literature in his essay "On Fairy-Stories".

The Delenn story arc is very interesting and important at this point, as is Lennier's loyalty to her. There's also the conflict with Neroon, that continues to escalate.

There's a very thoughtful moment near the end, where Sheridan asks, "Why am I still alive and he's not?" That is the classic dilemma facing survivors, an element of guilt that haunts them.

Kosh's repeated "always been here" lines add to the general feeling of mystery and building tension.
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