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Re: Babylon 5 panel at Megacon 2012

Originally Posted by VeriBaldi View Post
Hello KoshN,

Thank you for the kind comments! It was amazing to get some fresh feedback on Babylon 5 from the cast.

Given Claudia's comments on the Ireland turnout, there is huge unemployment in Ireland these days, so people may not have a lot of money to spend on conventions there.

I think Bruce got a text or so from Claudia on that, so maybe it was just a momentary thing, and more people showed up later. What I took from Bruce's comments is that it is great that he and Claudia are on such close terms after all these years.

You are quite right on the SyFy channel. I remember how that new boss cancelled Farscape, and then immediately transferred out of there to another executive position at some other company. But the damage was done.
The Sci-Fi Channel renewed Farscape for TWO seasons, and then cancelled the last one a short time later. Then, due to fan uproar, the three-hour, wrap-up miniseries was made.

Actually, Bonnie Hammer got PROMOTED out of her job as the head of The Sci-Fi Channel, one of her like-minded cronies was put in her old spot as head of The Sci-Fi Channel, and then the channel was renamed Syfy and they all expresssed an interest in distancing themselves from science-fiction, like science-fiction was not to be taken seriously, and was only for stereotypical manchildren living in their mothers' basements. Bonnie Hammer was then put in charge of both The Sci-Fi Channel/Syfy and USA Network, and then she was promoted AGAIN, this time being put in charge of all NBC/Universal cable programming. At least, she hasn't metastasized to all NBC/Universal programming.

Originally Posted by VeriBaldi View Post
I just bought the new complete boxed set of Farscape, so can now enjoy the series in its entirety. They did nothing with the property,however.
That's no surprise. The aim is to squeeze as much money out of the fans while expending as little money and effort as possible. I'm surprised that Warner Brothers hasn't come out with a Blu-Ray version of B5 that actually looks worse than the current DVDs, in an effort to squeeze a bit more money out of the fans.

Originally Posted by VeriBaldi View Post
Likewise, Warner Brothers could definitely revisit the Babylon 5 universe. Bruce mentioned The Telepath Wars, how about starting there, Warner Bros?
Like I said, Warner Brothers doesn't realize what a GREAT thing they have with the Babylon 5 franchise. Every few years they throw a crumb Babylon 5/JMS's way, marvel at how it did better than they expected, and then lose interest for a few years.

Originally Posted by VeriBaldi View Post
Season three was a great place for you to start the series! I started from the very beginning, watching the cheesy first season and enjoying the contrasts from the big money shows that were clogging the airwaves at the time.
I was coming from Trek (DS9 and Voyager), watched "Shadow Dancing" and found Babylon 5 to be many orders of magnitude better than DS9 or Voyager. The only reason I went back to Trek with Enterprise was because it was one of the few space sci-fi programs on the air. Then, I dropped Enterprise after watching the Season 3 finale, the last 7 minutes, space Nazis??? ARGH! Years later, I watched Enterprise Season 4, and Manny Coto (sp?) managed to come back from the awful ending of the Season 3 finale and make a good season, and then Berman and Braga flipped-off the fans with the Season 4 finale. I didn't watch "Star Trek" (2009) until it came out on DVD. I (foolishly) bought the DVD, watched it, and then immediately sold it. To this day, I have ZERO interest in Trek and have none of it on DVD.

Originally Posted by VeriBaldi View Post
During the summer hiatus, I remember TV Guide (are they still around) printing a full page Babylon 5 ad, featuring Bruce Boxleitner as Captain John Sheridan. My immediate reaction was a big smile, without ever knowing the circumstances for the departure of the previous captain. I knew Boxleitner from TRON, and that was enough for me to know the show was in good hands. (I grew to appreciate O'Hare's work as time went on, of course.)

KoshN, I think you will really enjoy the MP3 download I include of the panel discussion. There's a lot of meat there discussed by everyone, I was glad to see such enthusiasm and humor from the cast.
Sadly, there will be nothing new on the Babylon 5 or Crusade front, and that comprises 100% of my interest. Now, the only things I have to look forward to are "Crusade - What The HELL Happened?" - Volumes 2, 3 and 4, if and when those books ever come out.
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