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Re: Babylon 5, what order for movies & miniseries?

Watch In the Beginning first... it's set during the Earth/Minabri war and sets up the show perfectly. It's weird going from that to watching The Gathering though. Just keep in mind that The Gathering came first so a lot of the stuff in the episode was changed... ahh, pilots.

So yeah...

In the Beginning
The Gathering
Season 1
Season 2
Season 3

Thirsdspace takes place between Season 3 & 4 I believe. I know it's definitly not between 2 & 3, or 4 & 5 so that's what's left.

Season 4

Don't let the last ep of Season 4 throw you off... there's still more to come.

Season 5

The River of Souls
A Call to Arms


Legend of the Rangers

& then finally...

Lost Tales

Enjoy the show... I have it all on DVD and I still get bored on Netflix sometimes & watch an ep... They need more stuff, good stuff, but then they have B5 so I will refrain from complaining.
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