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Re: EpDis: Sic Transit Vir

One thing kind of strange, is why or how it can still be such a secret that Centauri males have six "thingees". Humans have been in contact with them for close to 100 years IIRC, so I would think such a thing would be notoriously common knowledge among humans by this point (probably with a lot of weird porn on the market involving it). I mean, all it would take is one human discovering the truth, for everyone to get wind of it, considering how sexual matters so titillate us. Also, the basic anatomy of most species would be known in the exobiology community anyway, and again, such a fact would be certain to become popular knowledge from there given the... nature of it.

So it seemed strange that this knowledge seemed such a secret from outsiders. A Minbari like Lennier maybe ("The Quality of Mercy")--and the scene where Londo tells him is hilarious--but someone like Susan, who's probably heard all sorts of salty jokes in her time (whether she wanted to or not), and at any rate hasn't been sheltered from such (other)worldly knowledge? Yet it seems she never knew this.

(Of course, this is all expositional (pun intended?) knowledge for us, so I guess it's all good (definitely some funny dialog). And it may have actually been pretty common knowledge, just that Susan didn't happen to know it for whatever reason.)

One thing I wondered is how Narns are equipped--G'Kar being the horndog he is for both Centauri and human females (and cuckolding Londo ).

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