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Re: EpDis: The Fall Of Night

Originally Posted by dreamer View Post
I don't think I'm exaggerating in the slightest if I say that something like this happening there would've changed great many things, starting from the "neutral" position of the worlds of the League of the Non-Alligned worlds towards B5. Also, I would've expected at least similar behaviour towards Sheridan that he got after he returned to B5 with Lorien later on.
The neutral worlds were willing to help with B5's defense, and came together to form a fleet; a lot of this was hard work and diplomacy on Delenn and Sheridan's part, and a lot was the timely intervention of the Vorlons, but maybe some of it was because some species felt the place was blessed?

And I thought Sheridan did get some similar behavior towards him -- which annoyed Garibaldi no end -- to the point that a bunch of alien ships came to his rescue on Earth in Season 4. Sure, Delenn talked them around, but they came to help one man.
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