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Re: Avengers: Infinity War

Originally Posted by hypatia
I also need to see Arrival, maybe I will this summer, even if it was a bit spoiled for me by now.

I'd say definitely see Inception. I'm one of the few people who probably figures it could have been a bit shorter (I'm not a fan of long films), but the plot is interesting and it is actually very well paced and it is exciting. And it's one of the few that actually kept mostly to Philip K. Dick's original story.
"Arrival" has been on Paramount's EPIX channels since last year, and is still in their current lineup. The next showing will be three times on Saturday, 19May 10:50 AM, 17:00 (5PM), 23:10 (11:10PM) MST/PDT on EPIX2.

"Inception" is being broadcast on IFC - 17May at 13:45 (1:45PM) MST/PDT and 18May 05:00 (5AM) MST/PDT.
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