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I'm gonna break with tradition and start out with something positive. I liked Koenig in this one. Koenig holds a weird place in my mind. ("There is a hole... in your mind...") Young Koenig is Chekov, and I don't dislike him, but nothing about that role distinguished him as an actor. Old Koenig is Bester, and I think he did a good job as an actor. These two aspects of Koenig have minimal connection in my head.

Bester's fellow psi-cop was oddly pretty and annoying. I think if she'd acted worth a damn she could have been a likeable character (or, a character worth disliking).

The scan was a little over dramatic. Two P12s shouldn't need the whole hand waving thing to violate the mind of a P5 on any level. I get that it shows something is going on instead of just staring intently, but it came off as some sort of "ooga booga" witch doctor flash.

The Psi Corps being part of a conspiracy is fairly obvious. Politicians would all suspect it, because you don't get to be a politician without being a paranoid bastard with a lot to hide.

When I was watching this, I'd expected Sinclair to send security to the wrong area as a decoy knowing that the PsiCops would find out and investigate. Gave him too much strategic credit I guess.

That killswitch in his mind was pretty useless. Probably should've made it a spoken word.

>Convenient ant
Well, now I'm picturing alternate versions of this scene where he replaces the ant in his speech with some baby he just grabs out of a stroller.

>Teeks are 1,000,000 to 1
That means with the current world population there'd be about 7,000 telekinetics. 3,500 sane ones. Assuming the Corps is any good at tracking them down, that seems like more than enough to already have your band of traceless assassins.
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