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Re: EpDis: Strange Relations

JMS' method of dropping hints for several episodes, then resolving them, comes to fruition here - we find out just what kind of relationship Sheridan and Lochley had. There are also new hints of a coming relationship between Lyta and Byron.

Lochley pulls a typical move for a B5 commander - going by the book to achieve something contrary to Earth Gov expectations. Is her friendly attitude to Bester only superficial? I admit to enjoying seeing her give Garibaldi a verbal lashing - he's way too cocksure.

By this time in the series I have joined the rank of those who are throughly tired of the telepaths. The song at the end climaxes that - I don't wish for Bester to take them along, but they have such a chip on their shoulders that they are highly annoying. If they accuse the normals of being prejudiced against them, why are they prejudiced against the normals? Neither chose to be born the way they are!
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