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Re: EpDis: Mind War

This is another solid episode. It's unusual in that both the A-plot (which introduces the psi-cops) and the B-plot (which introduces Sigma 957 and the First Ones) both turn out to have huge ramificaitions down the road.

G'Kar 'appears' to be way out of character in this episode - I like the way that what seems like inconsistency is actually hinting at how his character will evolve. It's by far my favourite 'Talia' episode, although that really isn't saying much because usually I can't stand her, and any epsiode that develops her character is pointless in the long run. I remember that the long effects sequence in the rail car blew my mind in '94, just for its length and complexity, though of course times have changed.

Finally, I kinda like Christopher Franke's theme - okay, it's simple and repetitive, but it sticks in my head somehow.
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