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Re: EpDis: The Fall Of Night

I must confess, I never noticed whether or not Sheridan's hair moved - since others have discussed that problem at length, I will comment on other matters.

Two people comment on Londo's change - Vir says the ambassador looks different, and Garibaldi says he"s "not the Londo I knew". I find the latter's attitude interesting - he recognized Londo's vulnerability underneath the mask of arrogance and harshness.

There are two mentions of B5 as hope - the only hope for the Narn ship, and Ivanova's "last best hope for victory" near the end. I like having her voice as narrator - it foreshadows the title sequence of the next season.

Another foreshadowing - Sheridan's speech about pride in his uniform. From future events, we already know that it won't be restored, but replaced.

I do like the fact that Sheridan once again beats Earth government by going by the book and quoting it at them.

Lots of significant details - Londo standing alone at the reception, for example, no one talking to him. And the fact that he sees nothing is interesting - the Shadows block out the light.

I like the two different terms for the Vorlons, used by Delenn and Sheridan - "guiding" vs. "manipulating". Kosh does seem to be a ladies' man, doesn't he?! It's Delenn and Lyta who are fascinated by him, while the men are sceptical.

I don't always notice the soundtrack, but this time I was aware of the angelic sounding music when Kosh comes to Sheridan's rescue. I liked the wing effect that was used - nothing quite definable, nor really solid. I must say though, I can't help but wonder about what happens in the eyes of the beholders here - are their eyes or their brains manipulated by the Vorlons? He can't himself appear as more than one thing at the same time, can he?
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