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Re: EpDis: The Fall Of Night

Originally Posted by A_M_Swallow View Post
In a later episode aliens come to Babylon 5 to worship the "angel".
You're right!

Can't see how I managed to forget that since I love Zack and hey, it's a great scene

Still, it puzzles me to no end that JMS pretty much skipped this whole thing, considering how big a thing religion was in his scripts. I don't think I'm exaggerating in the slightest if I say that something like this happening there would've changed great many things, starting from the "neutral" position of the worlds of the League of the Non-Alligned worlds towards B5. Also, I would've expected at least similar behaviour towards Sheridan that he got after he returned to B5 with Lorien later on.

I guess it would've changed things too much and they let it slide.
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