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Re: JMS announced Babylon 5 film effort

Originally Posted by falstaffe View Post
Thus, I reject your poll's binary choices.
Haha I was having some trouble with the poll as well, but I often find polls impossible to answer, so I thought it was just me. Making a poll that allows for all possible answers and various nuances is hard to do!

So, I can't vote, but I think it's an excellent topic for discussion. I have been feeling both excited and somewhat anxious about this announcement. I would love to see my favorite SF universe live again! But, whenever some treasured movie or TV show is revived, there's some worry, too. What if it sucks?? Then again, no amount of reboot suckage can take away from the excellence of the original show, so I should just relax about it. And maybe have some confidence in people whose work I still admire twenty years later.

I would be OK with a reboot or a whole new show set in the B5 universe. Either one could be all kinds of amazing.
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