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JMS announced Babylon 5 film effort

Hello -

I'm new to this board. I just read articles from last year and one from this year about JMS saying at a Comic Con that he intends to do a screenplay for a B5 film reboot this year and have it begin filming in 2016.

While it is hard to imagine JMS condensing five years of show into one (or maybe multiple movies), I think if his efforts pan out it would be a perfect opportunity for JMS to tell the original B5 story that he may have intended from first filming "Midnight on the Firing Line". I hope it's an idea of each season being its own film.

Imagine that Talia Winters stuck around on the show and was the main telepath all the way through. Imagine Sinclair actually stuck around and the show ended with "War Without End" and him becoming Valen as intended. Imagine Season 4 ended with "Intersections in Real Time" and Season 5 did not have as much fluff as it did and still had Ivonova.

I love the original show A LOT, but this would keep the movie(s) interesting for existing fans as well as bring the franchise to a new audience similar to the Star Trek reboot as well as The Walking Dead TV show (which while based on comics makes efforts to not be a carbon copy of the comics). This idea would preserve the legacy of the original show as its own beast, while having the movie version being its own beast as well. The idea of bringing back original cast members in new roles would be cool to see.

I'd love to hear what folks think of this idea.


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