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Re: Does any tv series / book saga / movie saga achieve B5's plot structure?

Originally Posted by Elipsis View Post
First off B5 wasn't stretched a full season so much as half of a season due to the possible cancellation after S4.

We would have had Intersections in Real Time as the cliffhanger with an early S5 resolution to the civil war.

This would have given us less telepath arc but still left "the good stuff" at the end of S5 involving Centari Prime - which was planned out all long to take place after the main arc IIRC.
I'm not so sure about a shorter telepath arc, from what I understand everything still would've been there (except the one episode that ended up as the S4 ender, Deconstruction of Falling Stars), but, as you say the Civil war would've spilled over into S5, but, in addition to that, I believe the Telepath arc, wouldn't have been shortened, it merely would've started early ( with arrivals starting at the end of S4), so there was a smoother transition between the seasons
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