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Re: The Dresden Files

I had to go down to South Carolina for my cousin's wedding... 12 hours in the car both ways.

Yeah... Kincaid is in Book 6. I guesss he put Harry in touch with that guy inbetween books because Harry just calls him out of the blue and he turns up in book 6. I won't give any more details on that. They give more story for Kincaid...

When I read 6 I just got the feeling that Harry and Murphy were bonding... now I started 7 and their interaction is weird. Like maybe Harry should ask her out but he's to stupid to think about it. Maybe Murphy is playing head games with him or something. Keep in mind I'm just reading between the lines. They don't make out in book 6 or anything.

There's a pretty good twist in 6 also. Enjoy that one.
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