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Re: The David Sheridan Incident/Lost Episode

Originally Posted by Springer View Post
To be honest I can see shades of that fascism left over in season 5. The Rangers in Learning Curve acting as judge and jury for one. The Alliance being somewhat nepotistic, Sheridan and then Delenn being president (did any other candidates ever challenge them?), their friends getting top jobs etc. What was a show of force in Rising Star with the White Stars flying loudly over Earthdome to convince them to join the Alliance. The Alliance didn't seem entirely transparent or totally democratic. Though I would have had a hard time believing any storyline that depicted Sheridan or Delenn actively being fascist and, even though we had already had a time travel storyline, it does seem to be quite an incredible plot.
I personally saw that stuff as a case of carrot and stick: We COULD have destroyed earth, and here's proof, but we didn't. So be our friends. It's a veiled threat masquerading as an invitation to a party.

But I could see that as the first stage in "The Great Sheridonian Empire" if JMS had decided to go that way. We've already seen Sheridan had great facility for misinformation, a fascination with conspiracies, and so forth. The only fascistic elements I can recall are when he gave his big speech on the catwalk in the Zocalo to the crowds about how they can win this not for a thousand years but forever. The pacing, the cadence, the way it's shot, the fire in his voice, that whole scene is like something out of Triumph of the Will.

It's Hitlerific! <G>

So now that you mention it, I can see fingerprints, though as shot I think Sheridan's greater-than-average moral sense and basic decency kept him from going down that road, it'd be interesting if, maybe, at some point, he stopped being the revolutionary and became The Great Dictator.

Hm. Very interesting.

Annnnnnnnnnnnnd that would have given the Great Machine something to do.

(Incidentally, moving the ISA capital to Minbar always struck me as a stupid thing to do and something that wouldn't sit well with earth. There really was no logical reason not to keep it on B5, or perhaps move it to the planet.)

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