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Re: The David Sheridan Incident/Lost Episode

Originally Posted by Republibot 3.0 View Post

WHOA! What? wow!

Please tell me everything you know about this, including why it got cut.
No real clue as to why it was dropped except that a fair amount of time had to be spend on the character change from Ivanova to Lochley and changing the thread of Ivanova getting involved with Byron over to Lyta. One thing that remained was how JMS described the fifth season as 'empire building'. Now, we weren't supposed to actually see any fascism by Sheridan/Delenn, just the visit from the future David Sheridan to warn/prevent that. Also, JMS didn't want to commit to an actor to play David, as JMS explained in the commentary for Sleeping in Light.

The fact that the Drakh (through the Regent and remote control pods) were responsible for the raids on the other races ships was changed, too. It was originally a faction of the Centauri.

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