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Re: The David Sheridan Incident/Lost Episode

Originally Posted by Springer View Post
Maybe that's why JMS was never interested in pursuing this plotline in a TV movie we could already find the major plotpoints in previous episodes and there was no point doing something just to show people what they already know must have happened.

It was certainly set up that way in Objects at Rest: first Lennier's betrayal and then Londo giving Sheridan and Delenn the urn with the keeper; the presence of the two dangling plot points in what was meant to be a wrapping up episode cannot be a coincidence and that they had t relate to each other
I've occasionally wondered if JMS wanted to do a "Secret" episode (The "Lost" thing I refer to in the thread title). We see flash forwards here and there through the series, most relating to "The David Sheridan Incident." Sometimes I wonder if JMS had planned to essentially film that entire incident - which is the climax of the series, really - as a piecemeal episode, a bit at a time, inserted as flash forwards over the course of the series (Somewhat similar to what Whedon did with the 1st season finale of Dollhouse).

So basically there'd be 110 episodes, but there'd be a super-secred 111th one hidden in the series itself if you went through it ep by ep and strung all the flash-forwards together.

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