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The David Sheridan Incident/Lost Episode


On another thread we were talking about whether or not Lannier was always intended to die in the Telepath Wars, or in some other fashion. I agree he was dead by the time of Sleeping In Light, as was Lyta, Londo, and G'kar, but I think he was intended for a bigger, more heroic end than a random head-shot in an unfilmed Crusade episode.

I can spot two threads from the show that seem resolved, but seem less so when you look at them closer. Both of them involve The David Sheridan Incident.

We know that David was kidnapped by Londo/The Drakh on Centauri prime when he was 16 years old, and we know that Londo engineered the Sheridan's escape, and we know that Londo and G'Kar killed each other. We know G'kar didn't have his fake eye at the time. And that's about all we know.

Dangling threads:
1) Lannier: He's in love with Delenn, joins the Rangers to win her love, tries to kill Sheridan, then runs away in shame proclaiming that if Delenn ever needs him, he'll be there whatever the cost. And then he dies from a gunshot when Lyta is captured by Psicorps in an unfilmed episode. Yeah, that doesn't really track.

2) Londo: "You must save the eye that does not see." This could be several things, but most people take it to mean he should have stopped Cartagia from plucking out one of G'kar's eyes. Or saving "The Eye" Centauri relic. Neither of these fully make sense. I mean, obviously G'kar's eye DID see up until they plucked it out, so the wording doesn't make sense. Furthermore, they go to the trouble of establishing that G'kar's eye doesn't need to be attached to him to work, and he can use it to spy on people. And there's no payoff for this.

So here's how I think it was SUPPOSED to go down:

* Centauri Prime is under blockade. Nothing gets out, thanks to the Rangers, nothing gets in thanks to the Drakh/Centauri forces.
* David is 16, Keeper gets him, and he flies himself to Centauri Prime
* Londo demands Sheridan's surrender in exchange for David's life.
* Sheridan complies.
* Delenn is furious/terrifed at losing her family, and typically refuses to stay put.
* She either puts out the call asking Lannier for help, or (more likely) Lannier has been monitoring all this and simply shows up knowing she'll need him.
* He gets her past the blockades (Both of 'em) and to the planet, dying in the process, and atoning for his weaknesses in his own eyes.
* She gets captured, probably by David himself, who turns her in. (Keeper, remember?)
* She gets thrown in the cell with John.
* Meanwhile - I don't know how - G'kar is on Centauri Prime. He's using his detachable robo-eye to spy while trying to rescue one or all of the Sheridans.
* Londo sees the eye when it's stashed somewhere, recognizes it instantly, and SAVES THE EYE WHICH DOES NOT SEE, rather than turn it over to his masters.
* He uses this to help G'kar avoid capture, so G'kar can see what Londo sees, etc.
* Londo releases the Sheridans, and asks G'kar to kill him before his keeper can warn the Drakh.
* This they then do
* The Sheridan's escape.

That's my theory. There are a number of unanswered questions: How/why is G'kar there? Were Franklin, Garibaldi, Ivonova, Zack, or Lochley involved in any capacity? How, exactly, does this incident result in the collapse of the Drakh occupation?

Just the same, it seems to use elements that were set up but never paid off.

What do you think?

This fits into my far-less-likely "Lost Episode" theory, which I'll talk about if anyone's interested.

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