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Re: EpDis: The Lost Tales: Over There

Originally Posted by Alioth View Post

And of course the dilemma posed by Galen over what to do with this Prince Vintari (the old "if you could go back in time to kill the boy Adolf Schicklgruber before he became Hitler, would you do it" question--only without the complications of a disrupted timeline, since it's not the past being changed)--the answer he came up with shows what a great and big-hearted man he was.

If time travel were possible, I am not sure it be necessary to kill Hitler. The thing to do would be persuade that art school that rejected him to accept him as a student. While Hitler had had problems before this - a bad relationship with his dictatorial father which probably amounted to being abusive, and an over-protective mother, it was after that he was rejected from art school that Hitler began to go strange.

It is interesting to consider a world where Hitler went to art school, and perhaps go on scrape a living from art - he wasn' that great I understand. Or maybe he would have died in WWI. Now - that would have been the ideal time to kill him if a time traveller wanted to do it. Make it look like he died in battle. Just another dead soldier.
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