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Re: EpDis: Deathwalker

I also enjoy this episode. I think it's about the first that I can ever remember watching the very first time it aired, long before I was a fan of the show, so my perceptions of it are perhaps a little rose-tinted. It's a really solid episode, very close to the heart of what B5 is actually all about (at least in season 1). It delves into Earth's good relationship with the league which is often hinted at - I wonder if this might help to explain why Earth is one of the major powers despite being so backward technologically (they beat the Dilgar, and technically they also beat the Minbari - not a bad record).

The moral dilemma is really interesting, and its also interesting to watch how Sinclair, as a deeply moral character, struggles to deal with it. The Vorlon ship appearing at the end is maybe a little deus ex machina, but it works fine in the context of the series and the character of the Vorlons.
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