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Re: Rangers in the background

Not sure if Rangers can be said to be In The Background after their reveal in CoS, but perhaps so far as the plot goes, they are In The Background till their presence becomes known to more than just Delenn and Garibaldi? For fun tried skipping around looking for others, and probably as I was randomly skipping about looking for scenes-with-crowds, didn't really see anything till episode 14 - Matters of Honor. Guess he could be called the Extra Ranger, as he is moving in and out of scene multiple times in under two minutes.

Starts at about 24 1/2 minutes during the scene where Londo and Vir are speaking about Vir's incoming replacement. Comes in from the left and can be seen over Vir's right shoulder (A) then walks behind them (B) carrying a drink . He must have circled round off screen as he walks behind them again (C), but no drink this time. Can be seen again when Londo stops to notice the nearby women laughing at his Anatomically-Incorrect Action Figure. Ranger comes in from the left (D) to walk by Londo (E).

...Sorry about not being able to embed the images so they can be seen, but whenever I try, get an error message. But even if the pictures aren't viewable, can watch the episode at around 24 1/2-ish minutes in and see the Same Ranger walking by several times.
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