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Re: Rangers in the background

Originally Posted by Moonface View Post
I just saw JMS gives "live" audio commentary to some (all on patreon? idk, I only have access to thos on youtube) episodes.
In the last one he did, the coming of shadows, he mentioned, that the rangers, although introduced officially in the coming of shadows, where present in the background in a couple of episodes before just to be there and give people who rewatch it something to look for.

Due to my recap efforts I did rewatch all of it last year and again in the winter holidays, but I don't recall noticing any rangers in the background prior to the coming of shadows.
Did anyone else notice them?

Can take no credit for this as did a quick search and read about someone else's Ranger Sighting - Season 2, Episode 5 (The Long Dark) at the scene by the bar just after the opening credits. With that, was able to sort of guess it was the person sitting on the right (see picture - just to the right of the Drazi) but had to frame-by-frame to get a glimpse of what looks like a Ranger pin (see other picture). It's basically around 3 1/2 to 4 mins in and the best "view" I can get of what might be a Ranger pin is where Dwight Schutlz (Amis) is speaking with G'Kar and you can see the Ranger (?) just over Dwight's right shoulder and to the immediate right of someone walking by in a B5 uniform.

...Unfortunately no luck pasting pics as get Entity Too Large messages or stuck in a submission loop. Will try attaching and cross several fingers.
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