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I do agree with others who said that something is a little off about the performance of actor who plays Jinxo. I don't really like to say stuff like that in a public forum because we're discussing real people, but .. it IS true. I don't think he's a horrible actor or anything. Just .. a little off. Especially the part where Gajic suggests to him that he should consider himself lucky. The reaction doesn't feel all that believable to me. But then, you have some very recognizable actors in this as well, and they're great.
According to Christy Marx, it was the actor's first ever TV role, so considering that I don't think he did all that badly he brought a kind of frantic earnestness to the character. Apparently David Warner coached him a lot on set as Richard Compton was in too much of a huff after being fired from the series to be bothered directing the actors. All things considered, I think the episode turned out fairly well, if a little lightweight.
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