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Re: EpDis: Dust To Dust

Originally Posted by maneth View Post
I wonder if there was ever a phase when Vorlons were mortal beings of flesh and blood, and if so, what that original form looked like (as they appeared different to every sentient being, except Centauri who saw nothing). For beings of energy rather than matter, the intergalactic void wouldn't pose a problem.
Kosh appeared different to every sentient being, because that is how he wished to be perceived. Projecting himself in that manner took a lot out of him.

The vorlons are squidy jellyfishy things as seen in Falling Towards Apotheosis.

I suspect they were always like that as we have Lorien's musings to Ivanova to go on:

Ivanova: Ok, let's assume that in all of the universe, you were the first
living being to achieve sentience billions of years ago. Now at
that point you'd be doing pretty good to invent fire or the wheel.
You couldn't come up with science and technology find a sirum for
immortality all in one lifetime.

Lorien: It wasn't necessary. We were born, naturally immortal.

Ivanova: That's impossible. Everything dies.

Lorien: Yes. Now. At first we were kept in balance by birth rate. Few of
us were ever born, less than a handful each year. Then I think the
universe decided, that to appreciate life for there to be change and
growth, life had to be short. So the generations that followed us
grew old, infirmed, then died
. But those of us who were first went
We discovered the Vorlons and the shadows when they were infant
races and nurished them -- helped them and all the other races you
call the first ones. In time, most of them died. Or passed beyond
the rim to whatever lies in the darkness between the galaxies.
On that basis it would be interesting to know if lorien is talking of generations that followed as later generations of the first One races, or the younger races.

It seems to make sense that he is talking of different races growing infrirm, but I',m not confident enmough in that assertion to rule out the other idea... although we know that it has been a veeeeeeeeeeeeeery long time prior to Kosh's death that a vorlon has died previously.
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