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Re: EpDis: TKO

It made me think of Bloodsport actually with the same this competition is not for you attitude.

As for him being refused entry at the beginning it was hardly surprising considering his attitude and big mouth.Was this done to show Humans general lack of respect for aliens?Clarke played on this later in the series.

As I understood it Humans were also one of the weaker races when it came to physical strength.Was it not shown that female Minbari had more strength by far than your strong Human?

It also seems to me that the other races seem to have been in space nearly a thousand years and resent the new boys pushing there way around the block.Considering they are new to space the Humans do seem to have a big political influence and a powerful military one.A certain amount of specism would be expected anyway and the Human Race would still be fighting to be accepted in many ways.

I didn't mind this episode at all,in fact one of the things about B5 was that I liked it all,well apart from the bits where Byron was in it.It opened up the rest of the universe a little more and made it a little richer.

Ivanova was,as usual,nice to watch as well.

I'd say a B
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