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Re: EpDis: TKO

One can hope not

It's just something that bugs me me about so many Sci-Fi genres .. how aliens from any culture will always treat humans as "the normal" guys, as opposed to a random alien species - which, of course, humans SHOULD be to any alien race in a unvierse where there are X races.

Take Star Trek, for example. Spock is half human, half Vulcan. He grew up on Vulcan, and identifies himself as Vulcan. Yet, he refers to himself as "half Human and half alien". It just makes no sense - he should be seeing himself as "half Vulcan and half alien"

Babylon 5 was extremely good about this, in general. This is the one time over the run of the series that my pet peeve got petted.

Yes, other explenations are quite plausible, that races need to go through rites to get to join the mutai, or god knows what. But this was never introduces. We just saw "The mutai is not for you humans! It is for us aliens!"
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