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Re: Who is watching Stranger Things?

Originally Posted by GeoKuutio View Post
Hell yes! Since I was born in the 80's in the USSR, this third season is like reliving parts of my childhood that I've forgotten. I really enjoy the fact that they decided to expand in this third season and now the whole upside down world ain't just your "something that may have happened on your backyard in the little midwestern city of US", but now it's more like "oh fuck, just great, shit!". Netflix really decided to step with this one.

Thus far S3 -> S1 -> S2 as far as I'm concerned.
Yeah. I am likely watching the final episode of Season 3 tonight and I can't wait. Unless things go terribly wrong tonight I would have to rank them differently.

Season One has to be first because it was the original greatness.
Season Three is DEFINITELY in second place.
Season Two comes it last because I did not enjoy the ride as much as I've enjoyed Season Three.
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