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Re: Rewatching. Thus, I'm obligated to make a thread.

Signs and Portents

This opening CGI seems more 90s CGIey than usual.

I remember this episode name but not its content. Is that Morden? Baby faced young little Morden? I think big things are starting. Whee.

Sinclair's asking a lowly security guy to investigate an event that would have been investigated unsuccessfully at the highest levels of government? There would be no documentation in any earth system, with no suspicion of that not being the case. So he's asking him to infiltrate Minbari military? Can't recall where this goes, but sure.

Maybe G'kar's people would have fewer famines if they weren't blowing tens of thousands of currencyunits on drugs for their religious ceremonies.

Ooh, ooh he's gonna say it, it's coming up!

"What do you want?"


I mean, I guess he said it. But it wasn't even ominous. Why, nobody at this point in watching would attach any particular significance to it at all.

Alright then.

Carrying on.

G'kar and now the Seer are portenting the shit out of this episode. We've got ourselves a triple serving of portenting with an extra side of signs.

Delenn's forehead thingy would be super awkward if it just goes off every time a being of supreme evil (relative philosophies dependent) walked by. I mean, she works in politics. Would it ever stop triggering? Does it ever go off again? It seems like that would be useful in the future.

Are there Shadows with him at this point? Is he holding the doors open for it? He'd look extremely weird doing so. Are people bumping into the Shadow in the halls?

What's Shadow for "Pardon me, excuse me"?

These raiders are about to bring the Achilles to heel!

What's standard procedure in the military when somebody's attacking you? Do you stand there staring at your commanding officer, or react in the most appropriate manner automatically?

Do inactive jump gates allow comms through?

Damn, the defenseless ship with the capability of fleeing has fled! Who could have foreseen that happening?!

Ah well, decent enough space combat for the time.

You'd think Kyro would have believed his seer. I mean, they have provable abilities ingrained into their culture, not just superstition. Oh well. He'd probably be anti-science in our culture, I guess it happens.

I mean, right now she's sharing a vision with Sinclair. That's not a thing you dismiss casually.
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