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Re: Rewatching. Thus, I'm obligated to make a thread.

By Any Means Necessary

I don't recall this coming up again. Would Ivanova be the one in charge of telling individual ships to hold? I always pictured her as the sort that would be in charge of the guy with that responsibility.

Interesting side trivia... I know the literal translation of "Dios Mio!" but I googled it for funsies just to see if there was any nuance on the phrase. Google Translate tells me that it means "OMG". This scene takes on a different tone if you picture him screaming "OMG" instead of "my god". Good job Google.

Hey, Narn ceremony. I don't remember seeing many of these, except for whatever happens with G'Kar much later on.

The Jaquan Eth has been destroyed. And it's all Sinclair's fault.

Seriously, triple shifting? And he's only giving a shit now that the Ambassador's been inconvenienced by the explosion and death? Lowest bidder equipment, horribly understaffed maintenance department, B5's kind of a craphole, isn't it?

"Swock!" I don't recall hearing this curse before. Noted.

This motherswocking politician is swocking them over a barrel about this swocky budget. And now the swockers are swocking starting a swocking illegal strike! How dare they not endanger their swocking lives so swockers above them can swocking save some swocking pennies!

"But this isn't the way!" It's literally the only way. People have died and they're telling them to go back to work with absolutely no changes to the environment.

"They have a right to hear what I've just told you!" Uh, the statement that boils down to "get back to work or we'll arrest you"? Think they knew that one already.

Yada yada condescending labour negotiations.... Surprisingly, "Work or we'll shoot you" isn't making any friends.

So, the rush act. What exactly does it authorize?

"Move in with security, and end it now"

What if nobody resists? They just toss em in jail? Then they still have no workers. Forced servitude? Security forces monitoring all 1000 workers as they triple shift, shooting anybody that doesn't work? Why'd this have to turn into a riot? What if they simply refused to work?

...Just for the sake of keeping the streak going, is this the fifth episode in a row with public violence and no charges being laid?

"This station is 12.2 light-years from Narn. That's just over 10 of your light-years."

It's this sort of weird unit conversion that slammed that lander into Mars a while back. Nobody in the future has settled on a standard unit of measure to replace the light year? Imperial gallons or metric gallons or tons or tonnes, dry cup or fluid cup or ounces, oh god, not ounces, why future, why? Why hasn't this eternal struggle been resolved instead of expanded?

I demand metric time.

Edit: Wait, Believers didn't count for the streak, did it? So it's not a streak. Never mind.

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