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Re: Rewatching. Thus, I'm obligated to make a thread.


What's with the difficult to read signs? It might look alien, but if you want people to grab rail at all times, use a legible font.

I wonder how often this generic "guy ejected into space" model is used throughout the show.

Franklin's mask looks more like he's about to rob a gas station than prevent contamination.

"Garibaldi, i don't care about your assault, but the dying guy muttered something with a G in it so we need your badge and gun, get out of here"

This monotone lady was typing into that console in a terrible, terrible way. That would cause so much wrist strain.

A new episode, a new officer losing his cool and assaulting somebody in public. Is that 4 episodes in a row now?

"He's dead!" And Franklin does absolutely nothing to try help. He's barely stopped breathing when Franklin calls it. Maybe try a little CPR there doc.

Hey, Garibaldi's too tired for dancing, but that probably means he still remembers how. I bet his shoes are just the correct amount of tight.

All this space CGI makes me thing of the Wing Commander series. I loved those games.

Holy shit, these guards see Garibaldi and shoot on sight.

I mean... Jesus. Wow.

Garibaldi's giving me a Die Hard vibe here. Yipee kai yay Minbari lovers.

Do you think there are a lot of chains laying around for the taking on a space station? Freshly cut chain too, not greasy used stuff.

Gee i wonder if Garibaldi will choose to curl into a bottle, or clear his name. Actually, ignore my sass, he chose the bottle. Not super controversial, but at least B5 doesn't always take the knight in shining armor approach. Neat. Except everything resolved itself for him while he was passed out drunk. Convenient.

"I'm holding a ranged weapon, let me just allow you to close to melee range instead of killing the only two people that can foil my evil plot."

Why are all the evil people using their own accounts to transfer funds? Just get a giant burlap sack with a dollar sign on it, far less suspicious.
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