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Re: Season 1 Potpourri

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"TKO" - If you can find a more racist hour of TV, I commend/pity you. Walker Smith calling aliens "Snakehead?" Racist. The alien who said Humans need to stay out of the Mutai? Racist. The portrayal of Ivanova's rabbi, the greatest cliche in all B5? Superracist. Yes, one word. Superracist, which can be defined as:
Superracist adj. - An unintentional, subtle racism that is far more offensive than even overt racism, which can be seen in "The War Prayer," because "The War Prayer" carries an offense all on its own.
At last, somebody got the point of that episode! Now look for the more subtle but absolute racism against telepaths, particularly Lyta. Not just from Garibaldi who knew he was prejudiced against them, but from Sheridan as well. Part of that might have been due to her not being a part of his chain of command but certainly not all of it.

Not wanting the derail the thread, but Sheridan was prejudiced against telepaths? Is this the same Sheridan who considered Talia a friend, who kept the secret of the underground railroad, who treated Ivanova with just as much friendship and respect after she told him she was a latent telepath, and who granted a bunch of rogue telepaths the right to stay on B5 despite everyone advising him to the contrary? I know he didn't particularly get on with Lyta, but that seemed to be mostly after she had Z'Ha'Dum destroyed and with all that Vorlon conditioning she had, he couldn't trust her.

If you could hold anything against him, it's that during the war he may have seen telepaths as a weapon, just as the Shadows did. But on a personal level, I honestly don't see the prejudice (beyond the wariness of dealing with the Psi Corps knowing what they were getting up to behind the scenes).
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