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Re: Season 1 Potpourri

Originally Posted by Morden View Post
"TKO" - If you can find a more racist hour of TV, I commend/pity you. Walker Smith calling aliens "Snakehead?" Racist. The alien who said Humans need to stay out of the Mutai? Racist. The portrayal of Ivanova's rabbi, the greatest cliche in all B5? Superracist. Yes, one word. Superracist, which can be defined as:
Superracist adj. - An unintentional, subtle racism that is far more offensive than even overt racism, which can be seen in "The War Prayer," because "The War Prayer" carries an offense all on its own.
At last, somebody got the point of that episode! Now look for the more subtle but absolute racism against telepaths, particularly Lyta. Not just from Garibaldi who knew he was prejudiced against them, but from Sheridan as well. Part of that might have been due to her not being a part of his chain of command but certainly not all of it.

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