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Re: EpDis: Soul Mates

Mariel knew exactly what she was doing. The conversation between G'Kar and Mariel in G'Kar's quarters reveals this.

Quoting from the extended synopsis:

G'Kar is in his quarters, talking to Mariel. "You know," he says, "the problem with mysteries is that in order to get rid of the headaches, I have to figure them out. Here, we're faced with a staggering set of coincidences. A Centauri artifact, an ancient booby trap, it seems, happens to show up on Babylon 5 just in time to be purchased as a gift for Londo. And rather hide or deny responsibility, the gift giver makes it a point of saying she gave it to him, which neatly avoids any accusation of malicious intent because, usually, when you're trying to kill someone, you hide the attack. And there, you see, my head no longer throbs."

Mariel asks him who he will tell his theory to. G'Kar says he won't reveal it, but that Londo will figure it out eventually. As she leaves, he warns her to not be overconfident -- if he were married to Londo, he'd be concerned right now. "G'Kar," Mariel says as she leaves, "if you were married to Londo, we'd all be concerned."
Mariel's goal was to kill Londo before he had the opportunity to divorce her and leave her with no money. Londo's death would have enabled her to keep her title of being his wife and a nice chunk of Londo's money.
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