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Could be.

Itís a strange thing though. Active interest in B5 is obviously and naturally enough waning a bit. Going by what Iíve read and seen there once was a very active community with many hundreds of sites back in the day.

But the depth of interest in the show is still there to a fair degree I think.

I know, for instance, that living in the same street as me there is at least 7 households with the full set of DVDís and the owners range from little old ladies to young professionals (not the clichťd definition of sci-fi fans in the least). Most of them donít use the internet and those that do know nothing of the fan community (or that site Ė Iíve not told them). Hell, none of them even knew that the Lost Tales existed until after it was released. By the way they also hold things like V, BSG old and new, DS9, voyager, firefly, etc. simply because they enjoyed them, and know nothing of conís or competing fan bases, etc.

An active on-line fan community is used as a gauge to the success or popularity of a thing, and I think to a point itís a good indicator, but itís limited. I think thatís why the DVD sales (possibly a better indicator) give a big hint to the real size of the Ďfaní base. Slow and steady sales that make the company a fortune, as the non-on-line fans discover them when visiting the local store, and the none virtual word of mouth takes longer to spread.

The reason for saying that is, that although you (and occasionally me) mentions B5Scrolls and thereís never a lot of talk about it Ė the content that is - the site has received a pretty regular hit rate for the last couple of years, fluctuating around 20 Ė 40 thousand a month.

So there are still plenty of folks (on and off line) interested in the show, that goes beyond the active posters on various discussion forums (B5Scrolls for example virtually never gets mentioned). Itís one of the reasons that I now hold the view that jms is both B5ís greatest asset but also biggest liability. Remember, Iím basically one of those non-on-line folks that enjoyed the show and accidentally discovered the on-line community after owning the DVDís. Itís also why it focusís on something other than Joe.

What Iím basically saying is the interest (not necessary a large active hardcore fan base) is still very much alive.
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