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Re: Game of Thrones, HBO series

Originally Posted by hypatia View Post
In this universe, Daenerys might make sense as a world leader. But she kind of represents a kind of religious fundamentalism that makes me kind of route for someone else.
You know this is so crazy. I've always tried to put into context what puts me off about Daenerys and I think you just summed it up. Don't get me wrong I love her character, but I've always felt the adoration she has gained has a tenuous status; as the show has shown repeatedly. I think her most volatile followers are the ones who seem like they could turn on her at any moment, the Dothraki. She has taken them out of their entire way of life; a VERY violent and barbarous way of life. I keep feeling that if she is to have a downfall it will be because they withdraw their support or they turn on her. Her followers only follow out of a sense of devotion and devotion can be fickle if it isn't providing what you want. She has completely uprooted most of the Dothraki culture and turned it on it's head. If it were reality she likely would not be able to keep bending them to her will for long. I half expect that if we do have a war with Cersei then one of the pitfalls Daenerys faces if preventing the Dothraki from raping and pillaging, as has always been their way of life. One failing the show has is that it as never really given us much positive to root for in the Dothraki.
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