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They can, it's just annoying.

I was of course exaggerating when I said my "respect" for Garibaldi went down. After Sheridan, he's my favorite human character on the show. He just had moment of idiocy. Happens, no big deal.

I don't think it would bother me at all if it weren't for Day of the Dead, actually.

and I could never see the attraction of Dodger.
Cute, ass-kicking fiesty red-head. Amongst the top three hottest chick characters to guest star on B5 (along with Number One and Franklin's singer).

Here's something that I don't like about the episode: the battle had no significance to the overall story. I must have seen the entire series half a dozen times and I don't even remember what they were fighting about.
Also, isn't a bit cheesy that everyone we met died? Yeah, yeah, war is horrible, we know. I think the only character we met that survived was General Franklin (and maybe the drill seargent).

The big black guy that crashed with Keffer: cool or annoying?
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