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Re: spoil me! tell me how ... [SG-1 S6/7 spoilers]

This applies to all current episodes in the US, all upcoming episodes, and episodes within the current or last season (i.e. Buffy seasons 7 and 6).
Sorry antony, it was my impression that SG1 is in reruns for the severalth time...and that Sg1 is not current. this is all old news. when they show the previews, its obvious you can see JONAS isn't DANIEL. I had no idea that ppl couldn't tell just by looking at the previews that Daniel and jonas aren't the same ppl. so, daniel being replaced isn't a spoiler, otherwise it wouldn't be in the previews.....HOW daniel is replaced is a spoiler..and I put spoil in the header. I thought i was following the rules.

but don't think i am arguing with you.
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