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Re: Remastering Season 1

So I've enhanced and cleaned up the films to 720p, but haven't spent a great deal of time on them. I just put it at one setting per film and let it go.

How do I get them to you?

I didn't go higher with the resolution because the upscale to 1080p should really be done with the device you watch it on. Too many people make the mistake thinking that upscale to 1080 is better than a clearer crisp 720p that is then upscaled by the device.This way there are less AI produced artefacts

I will caveat that some of the films are recorded in a terrible state and some scenes just will not clean up. This is especially true in "the gathering" and "a call to arms". The issue with A Call to Arms is that I suspect one of the cameras they used was a lower spec than the others camera on the same set, because you can see when it cuts from one angle to the other, even though the lighting is the same and the scene is the same, one of the camera is clearly out of focus/capturing at a lower quality.

Films completed:

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