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Re: New To Babylon 5

Originally Posted by Axionz View Post

Haha I'm on Season 2 Episode 16, been taking my time with it so I don't rush it too much and it's done too fast lol! I hate it when something is good then it's just done because I binge it like crazy! But sometimes it cannot be helped
That is exactly how I do it. When you rush to get through it you risk missing details. I recall watching a season of Game of Thrones many years ago on Blu-Ray. I rushed through it in a few days. Then a couple of years later I watched it with someone at a MUCH slower pace. There was an entire episode I didn't recall seeing the first time around. When a show is good I want to try to take my time and savor it. I want to make it last as long as possible because if it is a current show I know it will be at least a year until I see it again, if it comes back. If it is an older show I know when I am through it that is it. One big one I am savoring right now is Poirot with David Suchet.
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