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Re: New To Babylon 5

Originally Posted by Springer View Post
A child of the 80s here too – B5 made such a huge impact on me growing up as a teenager, it helped frame who I became as an adult and remains my favourite TV series ever.

I too really enjoyed Michael O'Hare's performance, but Bruce Boxleitner does a fantastic job playing Captain Sheridan from season 2 onwards. In fact, I think it's fair to say that seasons 2, 3 and 4 are the favourites among the fandom. Boxleitner starts off all smiles, deliberately playing to type at first, so that when his character evolves it gives him room to grow into the performance. I think Sheridan has a better rapport with some of the other characters too, like Delenn and Ivanova, so his presence helps make the other characters better too.

Besides, what makes you think you've seen the last of Sinclair...?

PS. welcome to the boards! Please do let us know what you think of Sheridan when you start watching season 2, and what you think of the show as you progress through it!
Thanks and yeh I just watched Season 2 Episode 9 The Coming of Shadows which as you know has a nice cameo of Michael O'Hare as ambassador!

I am enjoying Season 2 so far and Sheridan seems to be fitting in quite well but I still do feel like there is a bit of a void with Michael O'Hare gone and even having his Intro replaced for Season 2 is just different, takes a bit of getting use to and I definitely miss his voice on that Intro, it's just stellar.

It still feels fresh to me with Sinclair being gone after a full season with him as the lead, maybe moving onto season 3 that may fade slightly as I do really enjoy all the characters in Babylon 5 so far, loving it!

Originally Posted by Looney View Post
Hello Axionz,

From here on you are getting into the real heart of the series.

My personal experience is thus, Through some jogging of memory I recalled seeing some if not all of THE GATHERING when it aired and some scattered Season One episodes, but this was the time I was transitioning from High School to College so I had other things on my mind. My REAL obsession with B5 didn't start until Boxleitner joined in Season Two. From there on I was hooked. And let me tell you, being hooked was no easy task. At that time there was no way to go back and watch Season One and watching what was available was very difficult where I lived because the show jumped all over the TV schedule. It was never consistently on the same channel at the same time every week. But B5 made me the Science Fiction fan I am today. I liked SciFi before B5, but Season Two coming at a critical time in my education helped structure the adult I am today. (It is everything other than B5 that screwed me up. )

Later when the show started appearing on VHS and then reruns I was able to see Season One and fall in love with Sinclair. Consider this Axionz, O'Hare left the show after Season One, 1994, and fans didn't find out the real reason behind his departure until after he passed away in 2012. Just imagine getting that revelation about a show you'd been in love with for almost twenty years. In the end you'll find that just because he leaves after Season One doesn't mean Sinclair didn't add to the overall wonder that is the Babylon 5 story arc. Sinclair / O'Hare is a critical part of the Babylon 5 Universe and we were all very lucky to have one full season with him. We'll never know how the show might have gone had he stayed, but everyone here knows the show did not go downhill after his departure. That is not a slight on him. It is a compliment to those whom continued on after he moved on. It is a testament to a team making the show go in a direction that salvaged what was lost by his absence. (And maybe JMS helped. )

Glad you found us Axionz. Can't wait to read more of your thoughts on Babylon 5.
Hi Mate,

For sure watching it back then with no solid schedule and no way to catch a missed episode would have been such a nightmare and very gutting! And yes that would have been terrible for the fans back then with O'Hare being the lead for an entire season and then just gone out the blue with no response as to why.... and it wasn't just any season it was the season to set it all off really and start the character building and story arcs, so he's heavily missed I feel.

Like I mentioned above when replying to Springer, having O'Hare gone is still pretty tough to accept when you build up that character connection from a show like this and then all of a sudden such an important key character is just completely taken out, although it was very nice to see the short cameo role in season 2 episode 9 which I just watched! Even hearing O'Hare's voice in that episode instantly brought a smile to my face especially when we all know what really happened with him and why he had to give it all up, such a damn shame and JMS did mention he fought like hell to make sure Season 1 got finished not only for the fans but for the entire show and so no one would lose their jobs, just such a sad thing to happen but speaks volumes about Michael O'Hare as a person and how he really was.

I have read online that O'Hare does come back in for 2 episodes or so later on to basically finish off his story arc so I'm always thinking about that and when that's going to happen lol, I try not to read too much so I don't spoil anything in terms of character plot/story, but cannot wait for O'Hare to at least be back in for a couple of episodes as I just completely fell in love with Season 1 and his character, so will see how it goes!

It's such a strange feeling when watching it, almost like I'm jumping back in time to the early 90s lol, a completely different world back then and they just don't make TV shows like that anymore these days, even the actual episode count from back then on shows they were always very high, reaching around 18-25 episodes per season but these days the shows don't even push past 10 episodes in some cases and they're not as long either, just a totally different work ethic now in today's soft world.

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