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Re: New To Babylon 5

Hello Axionz,

From here on you are getting into the real heart of the series.

My personal experience is thus, Through some jogging of memory I recalled seeing some if not all of THE GATHERING when it aired and some scattered Season One episodes, but this was the time I was transitioning from High School to College so I had other things on my mind. My REAL obsession with B5 didn't start until Boxleitner joined in Season Two. From there on I was hooked. And let me tell you, being hooked was no easy task. At that time there was no way to go back and watch Season One and watching what was available was very difficult where I lived because the show jumped all over the TV schedule. It was never consistently on the same channel at the same time every week. But B5 made me the Science Fiction fan I am today. I liked SciFi before B5, but Season Two coming at a critical time in my education helped structure the adult I am today. (It is everything other than B5 that screwed me up. )

Later when the show started appearing on VHS and then reruns I was able to see Season One and fall in love with Sinclair. Consider this Axionz, O'Hare left the show after Season One, 1994, and fans didn't find out the real reason behind his departure until after he passed away in 2012. Just imagine getting that revelation about a show you'd been in love with for almost twenty years. In the end you'll find that just because he leaves after Season One doesn't mean Sinclair didn't add to the overall wonder that is the Babylon 5 story arc. Sinclair / O'Hare is a critical part of the Babylon 5 Universe and we were all very lucky to have one full season with him. We'll never know how the show might have gone had he stayed, but everyone here knows the show did not go downhill after his departure. That is not a slight on him. It is a compliment to those whom continued on after he moved on. It is a testament to a team making the show go in a direction that salvaged what was lost by his absence. (And maybe JMS helped. )

Glad you found us Axionz. Can't wait to read more of your thoughts on Babylon 5.
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