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New To Babylon 5

Hi Folks,

Just thought I would post here to get some opinions on the later seasons of Babylon 5, well after season 1 really as I've never actually watched Babylon 5 before.

It's only been the last week or so that I started watching season 1 (and I've instantly fell in love with the story/characters, fantastic!) and I do remember the name from back in the day but never really got round to it, big sci fi fan and star trek mainly Voyager/DS9 so when it came to finding another sci fi space show I remembered Babylon 5 being in the mix. I'm an 80s child so I was still young when this was on TV back then which is why it sort of drifted off the radar for so long.

So I started watching Babylon 5 Season 1 the other week and I'm about to watch the last episode "Chrysalis" and Michael O'hare has completely grown on me so as you can imagine I'm absolutely gutted when I found out online that he only stayed as the commander for Season 1, and unfortunately left due to mental health issues at that time which is such a shame as I've seen some videos when he was attending fan meet ups at London back in 1995 on youtube and he seems like such a nice guy, very charismatic and full of life type of character but then again JMS did say O'hare said the fans kept him going for a long time, so sad.

Ok so sorry for the long winded effort here but I was looking to get some opinions on the seasons after the 1st, losing a lead/key actor like that must have impacted big time for the fans, I can see some posts with people saying the new lead commander fits in nice but still, I think it's gonna be tough moving past O'hare not being there anymore.

Let me know how you felt moving into the later seasons after Michael O'hare left the show.

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