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Re: Stargate SG-1 Season 8 Confirmed!



a typical sg1 ep:

stargate to a planet that looks simular to earth. repeatedly.

find some aliens who look just like humans, o wait! they are humans!

get attacked by some aliens that look like humans with a bad eyeliner job that have a snake inside of them which we never see...and every so often those ppl will get a TWINKLE in their eyes.

and exactly WHAT are those fires on that gould ship for anyway?? its a SHIP with a limited supply of oxygen...and they have FIRES on it...WHY?? for what purpose?? none! none! none! none! to this date those fires still haven't been explained.

but they do have one original idea...well 2...

1 is the stargate of course
2 is the ships in the shape of a triangle...instead of star wars or st.

ok now on to the PLOT:

plot 1.

1. Sg1 need to save earth AGAIN from aliens
2. Sg1 are attacked and almost get killed
3. sg1 save earth from other aliens.
4. one of Sg1/sam's dad needs help and they need to rescue him/her
5. daniel goes crazy
6. sg1 dies and comes back to life
7. sg1 gets possessed by aliens or each other
8. sg1 gets to save aliens from their planet thats dying/or aliens attacking them.

ok thats about it...not an all enclusive list but pretty much...

But i love sg1... i like the begining ones..and maybe have to agree with ant....there isnt' much new plots going on..

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