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Re: SG1 Season 7 premeir 06/13/04 *SPOILERS*

I enjoyed it too! I'll miss Corin Nemec, though. He was pretty good. Though... I'm sure he'll pop up again a few times.

And I was thinking the whole attack on Anubis's ship WAS a lot like the scene from Star Wars (well, various scenes, what with the turrets and missile firing and whatnot, and later on when the core of the weapon was zoomed in on), but it was more of a tribute than anything, in my opinion. After all, SG-1's been a pretty solid show for the last 6 seasons, and I don't see why they'd start the newest season with a scene that was more or less a blatant ripoff of a famous scene from SW. Well, several scenes... Anyways, it DID look cool.
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