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Re: SG1 Season 7 premeir 06/13/04 *SPOILERS*

Oridinally posted by Loadhan:
A successful flight of an Earth "death glider" (and it seems even better than the original ones)
I thought that too... but then I realized that we only saw it destroy two death gliders with missiles. It made me wonder if the X302 had any other guns on it. Machine guns wouldn't make much sence, and I think it would look really weird when fired in space. Maybe they'll have some kind of modified Asgard weapons in the future.

I really want to see Prometheus and a $hit load of X302s attack a mothership or something though... just so watch them fight.
I hope the show is around that long.

Originally posted by KoshN:
John Doe, Star Wars anyone? Sheesh! Did they have to use a Xerox machine? Other than the blatant copying, I liked it.
I thought that part was great... and I loved it when Colonel O'Neill wanted to be called red leader.

Originally posted by Krystal:
The Stargate:Lowdown was just awesome. I specially love the scene between Amanda and RDA when she mention she was stuck in an glacier with McGyver. It was hilarious. The lowdown was fun to watch and a great introduction to the two episodes.
I got a laugh out of watching Christopher Judge wake up Michael Shanks by jumpin on him... just think about how much that guy weighs.
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