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Re: SG1 Season 7 premeir 06/13/04 *SPOILERS*


Well, I thought that was an intense two hours. A successful flight of an Earth "death glider" (and it seems even better than the original ones), an aliance with System Lords, and a pretty big battle even for Stargate's standards. I liked how they didn't spend an entire episode on bringing Daniel back into the fold like I thought they might and I liked seeing Daniel and Jonas working together. And damn did Jonas' city take a real beating! I liked Yu though ... pity it's now Ba'al in charge of the anti-Anubis resistence.

The two episodes were great. I agree about Jonas and Daniel working together. Since they bring Jonas I always wish to see this two together. And it was great that we have it in this two episodes. Although it was sad to see Jonas return to his home world as an diplomatic representative I was hoping to see him more involved with the team, is not as a member at least in base like Dr. Fraiser etc. The good thing is we will see him as guest star at least in one more episode.

I think the idea of the amnesia was good specially because we see interesting interaction between the team and Daniel. I also love Jack's reaction to the plan specially with having Lord Yu as a back up, and later his reaction to the second choice for back up, Ba'al. Specially with the story between this two. It was ironic that Ba'al is the one that save them at the end when he begin his attack.

The Stargate:Lowdown was just awesome. I specially love the scene between Amanda and RDA when she mention she was stuck in an glacier with McGyver. It was hilarious. The lowdown was fun to watch and a great introduction to the two episodes.
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